2019Years December

◎New Year's Special Business Notice(^o^)

☆ 2020 New Year Special Business Announcement ☆
1May 1, 12:00-20:00
1May 2, 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
1We will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. from March 3rd.
Thank you to exotic animal fans this year.
In addition, all the staff and animal cast members, thank you very much for your patronage of the Kiremaru Cafe next year.
New Year's Eve is also open.

☆ New Year's Year ☆ all year round open ^o^/

☆ ☆ year-end and New Year ☆ 24 years a year round ☆ reptiles maru café staff cast(Animals)Everyone is doing business energetically ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
We are looking forward to seeing you at our store - ♪

Cocoa-chan of Ginger♀

Cocoa came out and greeted me while cleaning the cage♪
His name is BushBaby.(Bush Baby)
Baby in the bush⁈Is it?
Anyway, it means a small and cute monkey♪, isn't it?

Chinchilla Violet Baby Sales And Petting OK^o^

Chinchilla Violet Baby-chan pair is in stock! Very Very Cute!
It's too cute to tell you, please come and see it.(Lol)
Limited ☆ sale and contact start‼
☆ Chinchilla lovers, those who want to keep, those who are interested ☆ Please contact us in a hurry ☆ We also accept inquiries by phone ☆

☆ Reptile Maru Cafe ☆ New ☆ Ball Python ♪ RubyChan

Two-tone color is cute anyway(^. ^) NewFace(^. ^)Ball Python ♀
Paibold's ^o^Ruby(Ruby)Chan♪
It is characterized by coloring that takes both a white snake and a bitter normal. It is a charming morph!
^o^ a girl with a very gentle personality
Whether you are a snake lover or have never touched a snake yet, please take this opportunity to come into contact with Ruby!
I'm sure you'll be hooked on the charm!⁈

It is a good friend pair ^o^ in Kamamodo-chan.

Chameleon Modoki's Good Friend Pair♀♂
Ki-chan and Ku-chan.
I took a picture because I was flirting.(^^)
It is slower than Cress, easy to handle, and has a very gentle personality.
There are eyes that can be moved separately from side to side, the same as the chameleon. The presence is also perfect.
The touch is also moist, please come to touch by all means♪

12March 15 tomorrow will be held exotic reptile expo! !

12May 15 (Day)Asakusa Exotic Reptiles Expo will be held tomorrow^ o ^
2019December 15 (Day)Would you like to wrap up at Expo Tokyo?
☆ Please look forward to the hot day of Tokyo that will blow away the climax ☆ cold also excitement to be held in the highest number of exhibitors in the history of EXPO! !

Fenech♂ Rocky & ♀ Angel♪

Fenech of contact OK(FENNEC FOX)
Rocky-chan ♂ & Angel-chan ♀ ^o^
It is a young couple - I love to touch it, and it is very cute to eat a snack.
☆ Come to contact Rocky & Angel by all means Ne ☆

Fukuromonga Baby Baby Milk Time

Today, I would like to introduce Fukuromonga Baby of the in-store bleeding cafe.
Left♂(White)Platinum, right♀(Silver)It is a good friend brother - of course, contact is OK♪

A lot of other fukumomo babies are also sold this time.
You might be able to touch each other and meet the child of fate.⁈
I'll wait for you^o^

Hedgehog Baby's Birth ♪(^^)

I would like to introduce five hedgehogs who gave birth to a new voice at a café in Reptiles♪

Hair slightly after one night(Needle)It seems to be growing.
My eyes haven't opened yet, but very cute Hari baby girls were born!
I hope you will grow up safely!
Please come to see and touch the attractive animals of the café that fits in reptiles ^ o ^